How to improve retailer-supplier collaboration through data

How brands and retailers can work together to reduce supply chain waste and become more profitable.

Multi-brand retail has always been unpredictable, but today’s level of uncertainty is through the roof.

Recent disruptions from the COVID pandemic and shipping industry have given retailers good reason to rethink their methods.

In this webinar, we tackle these topics and more relevant issues:

• How to improve collaboration between retailers and suppliers

• How to improve replenishment and reduce stockouts

• Leverage existing data flows to increase revenue and supply chain transparency

• Insights into how retail works and how to avoid common misconceptions retailers make

• The importance of sharing retail data with supplier’s data

• Unconstrained thinking and unconstrained planning

This webinar is hosted by retail experts working with global brands in the fashion and sporting goods industries.



Jasper Zeelenberg
CEO, Retailisation

Iain Solly

Sales Director EMEA, SPS Commerce

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